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Obama Admin Produced Fake News Of Syrian Dictator Being Toppled ( HD)

by WCJ

An expose' on how Barack Obama hired a failed novelist to write fake news scripts, in an effort to hasten the overthrow of Syrian President Assad. 

Up until late 2012, the Obama admin circumvented anti-propaganda laws primarily by releasing fake news into foreign news outlets - mainly cooperating British newspapers and television. U.S. media would almost invariably parrot these stories, and U.S. citizens were thus exposed to these outright lies anyway.

However, in late 2012, the infamous NDAA provided Obama a big loophole in U.S. prohibitions against internal propaganda as well. After that, people in the U.S. have been exposed in the media 'echo chamber' to a cacophony of faked news, faked terrorism, and every sort of accompanying propaganda one might imagine.

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Producer WCJ
Audio/Visual sound, color


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